Tips for Planning a Vintage Wedding


If you want something different for your wedding and are leaning towards vintage, you have to decide if you want it totally vintage or just sprinkled with reminders of the past. Of course, the idea here is to plan well.

To begin, you can consider these tips:


Each era comes with particular details that make for its uniqueness: the 20s are known for their irreverent spirit and lavish banquets and Hollywood gatherings. The 60s were defined by perfectly feminine dresses, as Audrey Hepburn’s Christian Dior; while the 70s were very hippie or disco. Vintage means antique and from different eras, which indicates that a vintage wedding needs to be simple and random, so as to prevent it from being overbearing or out of context.


The photography for your wedding may also take inspiration form vintage. The 50s, for instance, were marked by the happy family portrait – so sharp, vivid and traditional; the 70s, on the other hand, had this particular blur and pastel overtones, with a lot of sunniness and life. Talk to your photographer and discuss certain scenarios that you want photographed based on the style of the period you have picked.


When it comes to vintage weddings, always remember that it’s the details that make the difference. For example, your music can be the likes of Frank Sinatra for a 1950s-themed wedding. As for invitations, maybe you can include a picture of the bride and groom in that era’s setting, or use old postcards from that time – if you’re lucky enough to find some. You can even take these details up a notch by asking your guests to attend the wedding wearing clothes that match your theme.


The venue of the wedding should as well reflect the vintage era that you have selected as your theme. For example, if your wedding is set in the 50s, you can have it in a country house with a charming green garden. Or if you’re more a fan of the 20s, the best location would probably be a mansion from that very era. If that’s quite impossible, you can at least find something that was designed to copy the architecture of that very decade.

Wedding Dress and Suit

Of course, the bride’s dress should be very characteristically vintage. For a 50s wedding, this would be full-skirt and knee-length, with the addition of a birdcage veil and a conservative bouquet. Knee-length and full-skirt are very 50s, along with that famous birdcage veil and small bouquet. As for the groom’s suit, the New York businessman style is a perfect model. Or check out the Mad Men series where you can some great inspiration. Pulling off a vintage wedding is a big challenge, but with both the bride and groom sold to the idea, it can be done successfully. Of course, it pays to work with a professional. Click here for more info.


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